Autism & First Responder Training!

We offer a FREE 2-hour autism and first responder training in and around Ohio from the end of August thru the End of May. 

             We have trained over 900 first responders in Ohio!!!

To request a free training please email Jenna at:


Information you will learn about:

*Stimming, Echolalia & Scripting

*Meltdowns & how to handle them during an emergency

*Sensory Processing Disorder

*Wandering & Aggressive behaviors

*How to recognize the characteristics of autism

*Assess the situation based on behavioral or environmental influences

*Learn response & de-escalation techniques

*Explore supports & using special interests to build rapport & trust

*Sensory bags, what are they & how they can help!


Autism & First Responder Trainings 2024:    

Northeast Chapaign County Fire District: Saturday Jan. 13th 2024 12pm - 3pm

Moreland Hills Police Department: Tuesday Feb. 6th 2024 10am - 12pm

Moreland Hills Police Department: Wednesday Feb. 7th 2024 10am - 12pm  

University Circle Police Department: Wednesday Feb. 21st 2024 9am - 11am 

Case Western Reserve University Police Department: Friday March 1st 2024 10am - 12pm 

Case Western Reserve University Police Department: Friday March 8th 2024 10am-12pm

Clearcreek Township Fire Department: Saturday March 9th 2024 1pm - 3pm